The Gold Rush (2019)

"The gold rush" of our protagonist is a varied path and influenced by the materialism of our time, but without his knowledge, it will prove to be mystical. The search for the gold metal will soon become an obsession for him, which will lead him first to try to reproduce it, then as a psychosis, to "discover" it in every situation of his daily life. Along this surreal itinerary he will meet a woman, apparently a fortune teller, who will reveal his recent past, showing him three cards. The fourth card will be that of luck, which he will interpret as an indication towards the goldmine... (to be continued)


Time Flies ("Tempus Fugit", 2016)

 The film suggests through a series of clues and coincidences as our life is in relation to the past and the present (especially when you dream, the suggestive idea of past lives). The main role is represented by the eagle, symbol of Roman empire, which will bring the protagonist to the top of mountain. A journey seemingly into the nature, but in reality imaginative and temporal. In the words of Jerzy Kosinski "life is a state of mind". 

The first chapter of Time Flies, was filmed in the interiors of the historic Hotel Giessbach on Lake Brienz.


The furniture, partly original from the end of the 19th century, involves the viewer already in the "past". The hands of the big clock, at the main entrance, go back... The big clock has Roman numerals (coincidence?).

Fabrizio's photographic and scenic art represents his aptitude for experimental vision. 


"Experimental film, experimental cinema or avant-garde cinema is a mode of filmmaking that rigorously re-evaluates cinematic conventions and explores non-narrative forms and alternatives to traditional narratives or methods of working.


Many experimental films, particularly early ones, relate to arts in other disciplines: painting, dance, literature and poetry, or arise from research and development of new technical resources" and creativity.

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