Fabrizio Notarpietro was born in Turin on May16, 1964.

When Fabrizio finished his studies in high school, he enrolled at the Academy of Art where he graduated as a set designer (1990). While studying, he continued to devote himself to music, a passion he developed from the age of seven. Fabrizio started composing music from an early age. His musical education began at the age of twelve when he was inspired by Keith Emerson's classical remakes. Since 1998 he has performed for a more attentive and selected audience in "Swiss Deluxe H." (references)..

After having released his album "The Mind's Movie" in 2011, defined by himself as "music to make the mind travel", in 2016 Fabrizio produced his first short film entitled "Time Flies" dealing with photography, set design, editing and music. Between 2017 and 2019 the film won several awards

in different festivals including: Oniros IFF, Saint Vincent-IT, ARFF Barcelona-E, and American Golden Pictures Jacksonville-USA).

In 2019 Fabrizio completed his second short film entitled "The Gold Rush". So far he has collected two awards for best silent film (Oniros IFF) and best composer (American Golden Pictures IFF).


He is currently completing his third film work titled "One&One" a story inspired by non-random coincidences. The release is scheduled for the end of April 2021.

Suvretta House, St.Moritz. 2010